I’ll try to write in english this time haha. I’m not fluent yet, but it’s just easier to write in english when you hear it all the time…

It was sooo cold when I woke up this morning… It was like freezing in my room haha. But I got up and took a hot shower! I actually saw frost outside on our neighbours house!

I could sleep in this morning!!! My alarm went off at 7:00! That’s like a sleep in here… Sad but true :/ As I wrote last week we start at 8:30 on wednesdays so Cooper drove us to school and stopped at McDonalds (as usual) :)) I got my pancakes and scrambled eggs and stuff as always and it was really good!

Then I had Digital Art for 1,5 hour. I didn’t get that much done but it was fun, I just talked to a couple guys that I’m sitting next to. After that I hade American Literature… We finished reading our short story. It was about a crazy women that had a problem looking at a yellow wallpaper… Haha it sounds weird and I can tell you, it was weird… Anyways, we answered questions about the story and I got a question that I should answer in front of the class and I didn’t follow along that much in the text…

After the American Lit I had to go to Success lab. If you are Failing a grade you have to go to a class during your 2 hour lunch. I was failing American Lit just because I hadn’t turned in a book report about a book we read a couple weeks ago. I did the report yesterday but I had to fix some stuff so I was there for 30 minutes and then I left.

During the lunch we went to Buffalo Hot Wings!! It was so awesome! It was hot wings, like fried chicken. And during my 7th that I have off, we went to Starbucks and I bought a Double Chocolaty chip Frappucino (classic) :)) They spelled my name with a C and a K… Erick?

The practice was long today… We were done by 6:30 and started like 3:30… But we have a game tomorrow so we ran a lot of plays that we have to know!

After dinner we carved pumpkins!! Halloween is coming up 😀 Of course I got the thickest one… But it turned out well: My pumpkin is in the middle 🙂

IMG_6518 IMG_6512



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