We made Pretzels in my Catering class this morning! It was so good! It was pretty hard though to get the shape correctly… But they were good enough 🙂 We could choose from 3 different toppings. We dipped them in butter, or dipped.. We drowned them in butter… Then we could choose from either Sugar with cinnamon or Salt or Cheese! Of course I chose the sugar topping…


The day continued good! Had only a 30 minute lunch but it was okay. I ate a burrito for lunch and had a soda. They drink so much soda in this country!! I probably drink in average 3 cans a day at least 🙂 But I don’t complain.. 😛

Right after school we had our last game! It was a home game. It started at 4 and ended at like 6:30. Unfortunately we lost, 34-12. But we played good, I played pretty much. They were really big… When I got on the field the first play, I looked up on the guy in front of me… He was probably almost 2 meter tall and BIG. I felt so small haha. But after the game when we met in the field house the coaches had an emotional talk haha. It was the last game and they were sad that it was over now… Our like strictest coach actually started crying!!

When we were done, I helped with our Trick or treat night in the school. My marketing class did a Trick or treat house for elementary school kids! We made a ”Haunted hallway” and had a game room. It started at 4:30 and ended at 7. But since our game, we got there at 7. 🙂



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