No sleep in today either… I got like 5 hours of sleep from yesterday and got up early. We went to Mcdonalds and I tried their oatmeal and scrambled eggs today! The oatmeal was surprisingly good! After that we had regular practice the first hour. Then we went over to the other court and played scrimmage against the sophomore team for an hour.

When I got home I chilled for an hour and then I went shopping with Rachel, Nathan and Jessica. Black Friday today so there is a lot of discounts in every store 🙂 I bought a couple shirts and some stuff and after a while we went home again.


I took a shower and then me and Cooper went to another store, a thrift store, and looked at some stuff. I didn’t buy anything though! Later we ate dinner, turkey from yesterday 😛

Then I met Kris for a walk to the ice cream place that is very close to us. We were first thinking of Starbucks cause there is one there but it was closed. The reason was that I wanted to see if my new Debit card that I got from Sweden worked, and it did 🙂 On the way home Joey, Mikey and Chad picked us up and we went to a playground in a park haha and just chilled!


The sunsets here are so beautiful! Btw today it was like 23 degrees outside, so warm!!


Thursday – Thanksgiving!

I didn’t have practice so I was hoping that I could sleep in… But no.. We woke up at 7-8am and went to Louisville! (the town next to Lafayette) There was a 5 kilometer race there.. It was free, but everyone one brought a food donation. It was so many people there!! They collected 17 000 Pounds of food! Thats like 8 000 kg 🙂 Anyways, we picked up Kris and went there. We all ran the 5k and I got a time about 21 minutes. After we got coffee and mugs and a hat!

IMG_8573 IMG_8569 IMG_8572 IMG_8571

After that we went home and me and Rachel baked cookies and we chilled!

Later we went over to Chuck and Cullen’s house! (the grandparents) I helped cooking the dinner! We made turkey (of course, cause of thanksgiving) and mashed potatoes and a lot of sides! It was very good! She’s a good chef, and I was the sous chef for the evening! 🙂 After dinner we played a card game and ate apple pie and pumpkin pie 🙂IMG_8576IMG_8575

When we got home at 10 we went to Wal-mart haha, the black friday was the day after so they start all the discount the night before!

When I got home from that, a couple of friends called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Flatiron mall, which is a big mall like 20 minutes away! So I went with them at like 11:30 haha and we bought some stuff. There was a ton of people though and the lines were so long but it was fun anyways! I got home about 1:30 🙂 Aaaand I had practice like 5 hours later 😛



It was a classic morning, first Mcdonalds and then practice! Today I got the pancakes for breakfast… It wasn’t maybe the best idea 😛 It was only like 10 people that were able to practice today! So we didn’t play scrimmage at all so we shot a lot of hoops instead!

Jessica picked me up and we went home and I took a shower before the grandparents came over to our house again, cause then we went to Denver and to the Nature/science/history museum. Something like that haha! We saw two different exhibits. The first one was about when people travelled the silk road a long time ago! Press the link:

The other one was about whales! We saw a model of a blue whale’s heart! Haha it was huge!! Here it is:


After the museum we drove by Chipotle and bought food! That’s the Mexican place with burritos! It’s sooo good! There is cilantro though, but I’m learning, it’s not that bad!


We went to mcdonalds before practice today again haha! That’s like a thing these days now when I got practice 🙂 The practice was good, it’s so hard though in the beginning to learn all the plays and systems… I have to learn like 10-15 different plays, it’s like impossible!

We went to the grocery store after and I saw all the turkeys… Soon thanksgiving.. There was like turkeys everywhere in the store!


Later Rachels friend came over to our house and she had to do a short film for a project in a class. So we walked to the park in our neighborhood and recorded it! I was a moviestar for a day!

After that me and Rachel made ”kladdkaka”!! We had the grandparents and Jessicas 2nd cousin (grandmas cousin) over for dinner! It was kinda like a Swedish night haha, we ate meatballs and our Kladdkaka for dessert. IMG_8555

Later we played Pictionary! You know the game were you draw things! I’m as you probably know a really bad drawer but it went okay haha! But I think my team lost…


But it was really fun that they came over, they are so nice!!


First day of Thanksgiving break!! Couldn’t sleep in though… Practice as usual! Me and Cooper left the house and passed by Mcdonalds for some breakfast and then we drove over to Centaurus! I had an individual meeting with my coach the first thing in the morning… It was about goals for the season and stuff 🙂

After the practice I went home and relaxed! A couple of hours later a friend called and wondered if I wanted to see a movie! We were like 6-7 people that watched the new Hunger Games movie! It was good, I haven’t seen the second one though so it was kinda hard to understand everything! We went to target before and bought candy :)) I bought soda, twix and a half a kilo skittles haha 🙂

IMG_8550 the-hunger-games_-mockingjay-pt-1-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-608x608

After the movie we ate at a restaurant called Village Inn! It’s like IHOP. I had Bacon, Hash browns, Scrambled Eggs and Chocolate chip pancakes 😛 That was Me, Kris Sarah and Hoodie that ate there. After the dinner we went to Joey’s house. We played pool and just hung out there. On the way home we stopped by mcdonalds again haha and we some late night snacks 😛


I woke up to a big pancake breakfast! Then I talked to my lovely parents in Swäden. Later in the day me and Cooper went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for Rachel. She was baked a cake later for Nathan when he got home from Arizona. He got a new Personal Record on a 5K (kilometers), 22min and 5sec!

We also bought lunch there, the made a big sandwich for me with chicken and cheese and lot of good stuff! Cause then we did some errands. We went shopping some stuff for quite a long time! 🙂

On the way home we stopped at another store and then we went by a subway and brought home subs for dinner. 🙂

After dinner me and Cooper went to the big Airport in Denver where I landed when I got here. We picked up Nathan and some of his teammates! I came up with this brilliant idea that I should fool everyone 😛 So when I got there I took a picture at the airport and I said that I was going home:


I posted it on my mystory on Snapchat so everyone can see it! Hoooooly shit, I got a ton of snaps after that…. Everyone was like, ”Wtf, are you going home!?!?!” Hahaha it was so much fun. And my swedish friends will see it in an hour or less… I guess I will receive a lot soon again 😛 hahah. I actually made a girl kinda crying :O Haha I guess I took it too far with her…

When we got home again, Rachel had made the cake, a lemon cake with poppy seeds! 🙂 22 is for 22 minutes!



I’m off the whole next week!! This was the first day I had off! 🙂 It’s the thanksgiving break now! But of course I couldn’t sleep in… The alarm went of at 8:30 and I got up and had breakfast before we left to practice! It started at 10 and we were done by 12. It was a lot of shooting and we played scrimmage 🙂

Then I went home for a few hours, cause at 3 we drove back to school… We had our last fundraising day today. So the whole team got together to do the final Blitz. A blitz is when everyone go out and try to sell for a couple of hours. We sold popcorn as our fundraiser. The goal was for the team to sell 700 units… We actually ended up selling about 600 so it was pretty close! That gave almost 4000 bucks to our program 🙂 Because the team sold that much we will get sweatpants :)) When we were done, they ordered pizza and soda!


Because Nathan is in Arizona and Rachel was babysitting, my hostparents decided to go on a ”date” haha or do something fun together 🙂 So I was home alone from 7 to 10:30, love it!! Then Mike and Joey picked me up! Haha Jessica and Cooper came home when I left 😛 Then we went to a guy called Thorsen and played Fifa and just hung out. I came home now, like 1:30 or something!


We made fajitas today in 2nd. They were good 🙂 We cut chicken and vegetables and fried them. We did thin slices of it all so they were done at the same time. Unfortunatly I had to be the dishwasher today. During this whole semester I’ve only been it like twice or maybe three times haha. So they forced me to do it.. 😛


During lunch we just hung out in school and did nothing! All the classes were 5 minutes shorter than they usually are today, cause after 8th period their was assembly. The band and the colorguard (the people with flags and stuff) played a song for like 20 minutes. The band at our school is very good! A couple weeks ago they won state!! So they are the best band in Colorado, if you compare to the size of the school I think 🙂

IMG_8541 IMG_8542

After school I went home for a couple hours and then Jessica drove me too practice ( through mcdonalds 😛 ) When I got there, all the shoes had arrived! We all bought a ”Team shoe” so everyone have the same. The regular price of them are like 140 bucks but since we ordered like 40 shoes we got them for about 85!

The whole family picked me up after practice (except from Nathan, cause he flew to Arizona today for a cross country competition) and then we went to Sweet Cow. Sweet cow is the popular ice cream place here in town. I had the chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream ice cream! After that Kris just went over and we all watched a movie. I didn’t wanna do anything cause I was kinda tired after practice and I gotta go up pretty early tomorrow for another practice haha…



We cooked our meatballs today!! We put them in the oven and made pasta sauce (like tomato sauce) and cooked pasta! We accidently did twice as much pasta as we were supposed to so it was a lot….


During advisory we went to the auditorium again and this time it was all of the juniors that listened to like 5 seniors that explained a lot of stuff about college and how you apply to it… Well I don’t care about that at all cause I won’t be here next year…

In my 6th class we painted…


After school I went to a short meeting about Bubble Soccer!! They will start a new club where you will play bubble soccer like once a week haha. It seems so funny :))

94891h_bubble soccer signmeup bubble-soccer2


We went to Mcdonalds this morning as usual. I ordered the same as always haha. After breakfast I had my digital art. I just worked on my Pop art project. Its five different portraits of me that I’m just fooling around with and doing weird colors and stuff haha. I’ll show them when I’m done.

Later in my 3rd we did a lot of boring stuff. But I was happy cause after that class I was the rest of the day off! So at lunch we went to a restaurant called Chick fil A. They do burgers but with chicken! It’s very popular and the drive thru line was around the whole building… We stayed there to eat and I got a lot of stuff and it was so delicious. The cookies and cream milkshake tasted like heaven :))


I went home on the schoolbus with Kris actually cause he lives just across the street now. I was home for about an hour and a half and then I went back to school for practice. On the way we stopped at McDonalds and got a fried chicken and bacon wrap, like an early dinner!

We would be there at 5:30 and have a short meeting before. The coach was talking about different plays and stuff. Well the practice lasted for 2 hours and after that Jessica picked me up again and we went home. When I was home I made two fried chicken burgers, again haha. I had fried chicken three times today. 🙂