Friday! Halloween!

What a day! It started with school as usual.. We made chocolate cakes in the Catering class! They were good but too much canola oil so it had a bit of a weird taste haha!


The other classes were fun. It was a competition in school today, the best halloween costume won 35 bucks 🙂 I didn’t dress up that much… But a lot of people were dressed up and some people were so funny! Här är några:

IMG_6650 IMG_6655

Collin in the white dress were ”ebola free”! He made a sign and he wore it on his back hahaha! (ignore the fingers 😉 )

The Varsity team have a game tomorrow so we had our last practice today!! No more :O But the basketball starts in 2 weeks… The tryouts are in about a week!!

We had a last team dinner after the practice! It was good, it was an enchilada with salsa and chips and more stuff 🙂

We brought Kris to our house after the dinner. We were gonna go trick or treating! I changed clothes and pored (fake)blood on them and had a mask! Then we walked out, me, Kris and Nathan!


It was soooo much people outside! Cars were driving and dropping off kids and everyone were walking everywhere!! We have a really good neighborhood for these kinda stuff. Families from other neighborhoods come here and drop off their kids haha. It’s just because there are a lot off houses within a small area.

We got a lot of candy!! But me and Kris felt so old haha, there were a bunch of 5-year old kids haha…

IMG_8365 IMG_8381 IMG_8385

Rachel and her friends got all the candy in the big box. That was their first round… They did another round and got even more candy after that….

After the trick or treat we went to a friend, Dalton, that lives just down my street!! That’s so awesome 🙂 We were about 10 people and just hung out! 🙂



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