I was up pretty late yesterday due to Skype… 🙂 But I got up at 6 as usual this morning and had my morning ritual! First alarm goes off at 05:45 and then I snooze to 6-6:15… Then the shower is next up. After that I eat cereal and then I always have to hurry… The time just flies by in the morning, hate it! The bus leaves at 6:54 but is always late… So u have to wait in the cold which sucks…

I didn’t do a lot in school today. It was a pretty chill day 🙂 Cause after school I got home with the schoolbus again! The football season is over, so no more practices!! But the basketball tryouts are next week… Not a lot of free time here 😛 And this week it will be like open gyms for the players if they wanna practice for the tryouts! 🙂



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