We just listened to a presentation this morning in my digital art class. For about 50 minutes we just sat there and listened…

Later on, in my Catering class we made biscuits with a sausage sauce. Well, we didn’t make the biscuits, they were already pre-made in a tube that you opened. It was actually really good! It didn’t look good at all but it tasted good.

Finally we have our ordinary teacher in US History!! She, Ms Mason, have been free from work the entire semester cause she had a baby! We had our long-term sub instead, Ms Smith…. She was not good at all. She couldn’t make the class be quiet.

During my 7th off period I tied to girls together with their hair! 🙂


When I came home I was alone… So I ate this:


Cinnamon waffles with coke!! 😛

After school I went home on the schoolbus. Then me, Jessica and Rachel went to the rec center. (recreation center). I practiced some basketball. The tryouts is next week!! I forgot to take pictures of the rec center… Next time. It’s very fresh and new inside!



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