I got on the bus early as usual today. Then I had Catering and we had a sub again… But we actually cooked with the sub this time! We made Mac and cheese with bacon. It turned out pretty well. I’m in the same group as 4 other freshmen girls… So it’s not always a perfect result…!

Then we had Advisory and we always watch ”warrior TV” for the first ten minutes of that class. Advisory is only once a week. Warrior is our mascot, so Warrior TV is the schools TV team. They film stuff that happens in school and different announcements!

We did nothing in my gym class today 🙂 We played Badminton for a while and then me and Raven just threw a football the whole class haha!

After school I went to the rec center again! I did weights today 🙂 I took some pictures if u want to see! It’s really new and nice looking! They have a pool and a gym and a running track and two basketball courts and a place to play squash etc.

DSC01002 IMG_8473 IMG_8474IMG_8472

The running track is on the second floor. It’s behind the fence above the gym machines!



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