Today the bus driver said that from thursday and further the bus will pick us up 5 minutes EARLIER…. They have a new stop..! That was a bad start of the day 😛

But my classes were god today! We didn’t cook anything in catering cause we had a sub again..

I just hanged out in school during lunch because no the guy with the car had to study and didn’t want lunch! Then in marketing we just watched an episode of a TV-show because we had a sub there as well haha! The tv-show is called Shark Tank and it’s about people with a product that want to get money from the ”sharks”. The sharks are billionaires that invests in companies. So they want money is exchange for a part of the company 🙂

During my 7th I finally ate!! Me and Berenice went to Wendy’s, like a fast food place with burgers 🙂

I got home on the schoolbus and for dinner we brought food from Noodles. Nathan and Cooper are out camping this weekend! I got a practice from 1 to 5 (!!) tomorrow… So I couldn’t join!

After dinner me and Kris were driven to the twins house, the mansion… We talked and watched a movie later! It was fun! 🙂



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