I didn’t do much until 1 o’clock. I had my practice at 1. But before we got there, we stopped at a bank. Haha they have Drive thru banks here… It’s like a joke… Everyone are so lazy here! When we got to the ATM, I had just forgot my code to my card. I couldn’t remember it… Cause they never uses the code here when you buy stuff, so I haven’t used it for more than 2 months!! So Jessica borrowed me money haha for the practice. There was a fee of 20 bucks. We had college coaches that led the practice. They were good, but really strict! The practice lasted for four hours… From 1 to 5! We did a lot of dribbling skills and similar.

After the practice I went home and bought a pizza on the way. That was like the best pizza I’ve ever had, cause I was so hungry…

Kris came over later and me, him and Rachel played some Wii Sports and watched the latest Die Hard movie. At 9:30 me and Kris walked to Dalton’s house down the street were a couple guys hanged out. At 12 I went home 🙂

I was thinking about my code all day and I thought that I remembered it, so Jessica drove Kris home and on the way home we drove to the bank again and tried, and it WORKED :)))



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