My schedule this week is pretty weird. Today was ”Thursday” (blockday). On the real thursday in three days we will have a regular day instead of blockday. I had Catering for 1,5 hours as my first class.  We made Beef stir fry. It was like a Wok with rice, meet and vegetables! 🙂 It was really good!


Then I had Advisory. We walked to the auditorium and saw a video about how to do a lockdown or a lockout drill. We have an officer in the school. She has like a fulltime job at our school and she is a real police officer! Don’t ask me what she does all days but I think she talks to bullied students and so on.

My Marketing class today was not fun at all… We did the role-play as I did at the CU a month ago. But today was just prepering for Friday. On Friday it’s the district competition, so we’re gonna do the same thing as last time but at another location. This time it’s in Denver..!

As I probably have written before the weather here is very weird. It changes all the time. Today was sick! This morning it was warm, about 15 degrees when we walked to the bus at 7. After my lunch it was snowing!! It was as low as -9 degrees!!

IMG_8492 (look at the cars) It was more snow than it looks like haha, I just took the picture for a snap and saved it 😛

After school I had basketball practice. The tryout is on wednesday!!

Right after practice Jessica picked me up and we went home for 10 minutes, I got a burger and then we rushed over to the Erie rec center. The scouts were swimming today, so the whole family went there! They had a waterslide and a hottub and the swimming lanes! Me and Rachel had a competition who was the fastest… She swims a lot during the summers (every day) and really likes it. So she wanted to compete… And actually I WON! Haha I won by maybe a decimeter or less… Cooper told me after that a couple parents were looking and they said that it was technique vs strength. I did not have the technique hahah! She got really pissed after for a while cause I think that she thought that she was gonna win hehe 😛




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