Late start today! On our way to McDonalds asked Cooper if I had my shoes and clothes for tryouts today. Of course I forgot my shoes… So we turned around and headed back home! It was a lot of snow this morning so the traffic was really slow… And the snowplows were on the streets!

After the breakfast at mcdonalds I had digital art and then American Lit… The Lit sucked… It’s so boring!!

After that class I’m done with school! A couple guys walked to Firehouse Subs! It’s like Subway but better!! It’s so delicious, it recently opened!


On the way home Joey picked us up in his truck! I was fast so I got a seat inside the car… The others sat in the back and he was driving crazy in -15 degrees haha, they were so cold after! I was lucky 🙂


Today was tryouts, it went okay I guess! The most of the things went well except from the shooting… But tomorrow we’re gonna have a practice were they look how we play 3-3 and 1-1 and 5-5! After that practice they will say if we made it to any of the teams and if so, which team!

After tryouts, Nathan and his Cross Country team had their last dinner and award ceremony in school! The families to the runners were there and there was a lot of food and they had the award ceremony in the end!




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