School went okay! Nothing special happened. We watched movie about street art in my first period and in my second we made Chocolate chip muffins. We make them for our school store, but we got to taste one 🙂


After school we had our last tryout day. Well I think they already made their decision yesterday, because we talked to them today and they said if we made it to a team or not. Some guys got bounced out actually… They couldn’t play good enough… But I made it to the JV, and I’m actually kinda happy for that. Cause their are a lot of good people in the JV that I thought belonged to the varsity!

When I came home Cooper had picked up our jackets that we ordered like a month ago. A lot of people wear them in school.

IMG_8511 IMG_8512

Tomorrow I got my marketing thing… Not excited at all. But me and Cooper walked to the Safeway ( like 1 km) in -15 degrees and I bought snacks for tomorrow 🙂 It’s gonna be a lot of waiting so snacks is needed. I got a big bag of Doritos and m&ms 🙂



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