The schools from Centaurus left at 7:30 in the morning. Then we went to Johnson and Wales in Denver! We went to the school’s auditorium and took a test. It was 50 questions and for the most I guessed the answers…

Right after that I had my first role-play. We got 10 minutes as preparation time where we read the event and took notes. After 10 minutes we went to another room and had our role-play… I had a female judge! I explained my event and my ideas and solutions and then she asked a couple questions and then I was done. It’s really hard when you don’t know the language that well and have to explain how a business can increase their sales and give a promotion plan….


We ate lunch there and it was a really good buffet with a lot of different dishes.


After lunch I had my 2nd role-play. We did the same procedure again but with a different event.

Then we waited for a long time before the award ceremony began.

I was like 45 minutes late to practice because the ceremony was long and it was a lot of traffic on the way back to school. But practice went good afterwards. 🙂



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