Haha I have bad influence on my siblings. In the beginning of this year we always left the house at 7:40 in the morning for the schoolbus, but as you probably know I’m pretty tired and slow in the morning. So nowadays we leave the house at 7:50 and the bus shall leave at 7:50 haha. Actually I (!!) waited at the door this morning. When we saw that the bus was already picking up people and we were still walking Nathan just looked at me and was so surprised and just said ”the bus is there” haha I was like well run then!? Haha I think that was the first time he ran to the bus… I’m used to it…

At the digital art we took portraits and we’ll use them for a project. We didn’t cook in the catering today tho…

I was really surprised in my 3rd period when my friend asked if I studied for the test that we were about to have in the 4th period. Haha I had totally forgot that… We should write about the causes and effects of the American Imperialism during the 1800s or something like that. Luckily I met Kris on the way there and he did the test during his 3rd. He forgot it as well haha so he borrowed an outline (a paper you can use during the test) from one of the twins. So I borrowed it from him and it was so good! I think I will get an A on that test cause damn, she is very ambitios in school so there was a lot of info on that paper… 🙂

I went home on the bus after school cause my practice was at 6 to 8 tonight. The practice was like the worst ever. I have never run so much… We had a condition in the end for 20 minutes and it was the worst ever. We just ran and did pushups and squats and ran even more… My throat hurt after that haha…


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  1. Mats Haraldson · november 18, 2014

    Maybe…. The basket team wants to learn about the ”bip-test”



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