We made meatballs today in the Catering. But in our next class we will cook them cause now we just formed them and made them so they will be in the fridge until then.

We just started a new unit in my 3rd period. It’s called: ”What is an american”. We’ve read a couple of articles about what people think and in the end of this project we will write our own essay…

During my lunch we went to Chipotle. We were five guys that drove there. Chipotle is a restaurant that is sooo popular here! Everyone loves it! It’s a mexican place were they make burritos. It’s pretty far away and we stopped at a donut place as well so when we got back we had about 5 minutes to eat haha. We always order to go! It was tasty, the rice in the burrito was mixed with Cilantro.. (koriander…) But it was good! 🙂

In my marketing class we got our results back from the role-plays! The first time when we were at the CU I got 51 out of 100… haha. I thought it was a joke or something cause when I looked at my result I scored 87 on my first and 93 on my second!!! That is actually really good… I was so surprised haha! 🙂

The practice was good! Not as tough as yesterday… After we got our uniforms! But I will maybe trade number because it’s a XL….

IMG_8527 IMG_8528

After that it was a Coach/player/parent meeting. They introduced everything like our upcoming events and games etc. When we were done, me and Cooper went to Walmart and bought some stuff and ate at Subway! 🙂



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