We made fajitas today in 2nd. They were good 🙂 We cut chicken and vegetables and fried them. We did thin slices of it all so they were done at the same time. Unfortunatly I had to be the dishwasher today. During this whole semester I’ve only been it like twice or maybe three times haha. So they forced me to do it.. 😛


During lunch we just hung out in school and did nothing! All the classes were 5 minutes shorter than they usually are today, cause after 8th period their was assembly. The band and the colorguard (the people with flags and stuff) played a song for like 20 minutes. The band at our school is very good! A couple weeks ago they won state!! So they are the best band in Colorado, if you compare to the size of the school I think 🙂

IMG_8541 IMG_8542

After school I went home for a couple hours and then Jessica drove me too practice ( through mcdonalds 😛 ) When I got there, all the shoes had arrived! We all bought a ”Team shoe” so everyone have the same. The regular price of them are like 140 bucks but since we ordered like 40 shoes we got them for about 85!

The whole family picked me up after practice (except from Nathan, cause he flew to Arizona today for a cross country competition) and then we went to Sweet Cow. Sweet cow is the popular ice cream place here in town. I had the chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream ice cream! After that Kris just went over and we all watched a movie. I didn’t wanna do anything cause I was kinda tired after practice and I gotta go up pretty early tomorrow for another practice haha…




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