I’m off the whole next week!! This was the first day I had off! 🙂 It’s the thanksgiving break now! But of course I couldn’t sleep in… The alarm went of at 8:30 and I got up and had breakfast before we left to practice! It started at 10 and we were done by 12. It was a lot of shooting and we played scrimmage 🙂

Then I went home for a few hours, cause at 3 we drove back to school… We had our last fundraising day today. So the whole team got together to do the final Blitz. A blitz is when everyone go out and try to sell for a couple of hours. We sold popcorn as our fundraiser. The goal was for the team to sell 700 units… We actually ended up selling about 600 so it was pretty close! That gave almost 4000 bucks to our program 🙂 Because the team sold that much we will get sweatpants :)) When we were done, they ordered pizza and soda!


Because Nathan is in Arizona and Rachel was babysitting, my hostparents decided to go on a ”date” haha or do something fun together 🙂 So I was home alone from 7 to 10:30, love it!! Then Mike and Joey picked me up! Haha Jessica and Cooper came home when I left 😛 Then we went to a guy called Thorsen and played Fifa and just hung out. I came home now, like 1:30 or something!



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