I woke up to a big pancake breakfast! Then I talked to my lovely parents in Swäden. Later in the day me and Cooper went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for Rachel. She was baked a cake later for Nathan when he got home from Arizona. He got a new Personal Record on a 5K (kilometers), 22min and 5sec!

We also bought lunch there, the made a big sandwich for me with chicken and cheese and lot of good stuff! Cause then we did some errands. We went shopping some stuff for quite a long time! 🙂

On the way home we stopped at another store and then we went by a subway and brought home subs for dinner. 🙂

After dinner me and Cooper went to the big Airport in Denver where I landed when I got here. We picked up Nathan and some of his teammates! I came up with this brilliant idea that I should fool everyone 😛 So when I got there I took a picture at the airport and I said that I was going home:


I posted it on my mystory on Snapchat so everyone can see it! Hoooooly shit, I got a ton of snaps after that…. Everyone was like, ”Wtf, are you going home!?!?!” Hahaha it was so much fun. And my swedish friends will see it in an hour or less… I guess I will receive a lot soon again 😛 hahah. I actually made a girl kinda crying :O Haha I guess I took it too far with her…

When we got home again, Rachel had made the cake, a lemon cake with poppy seeds! 🙂 22 is for 22 minutes!




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