First day of Thanksgiving break!! Couldn’t sleep in though… Practice as usual! Me and Cooper left the house and passed by Mcdonalds for some breakfast and then we drove over to Centaurus! I had an individual meeting with my coach the first thing in the morning… It was about goals for the season and stuff 🙂

After the practice I went home and relaxed! A couple of hours later a friend called and wondered if I wanted to see a movie! We were like 6-7 people that watched the new Hunger Games movie! It was good, I haven’t seen the second one though so it was kinda hard to understand everything! We went to target before and bought candy :)) I bought soda, twix and a half a kilo skittles haha 🙂

IMG_8550 the-hunger-games_-mockingjay-pt-1-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-608x608

After the movie we ate at a restaurant called Village Inn! It’s like IHOP. I had Bacon, Hash browns, Scrambled Eggs and Chocolate chip pancakes 😛 That was Me, Kris Sarah and Hoodie that ate there. After the dinner we went to Joey’s house. We played pool and just hung out there. On the way home we stopped by mcdonalds again haha and we some late night snacks 😛



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