We went to mcdonalds before practice today again haha! That’s like a thing these days now when I got practice 🙂 The practice was good, it’s so hard though in the beginning to learn all the plays and systems… I have to learn like 10-15 different plays, it’s like impossible!

We went to the grocery store after and I saw all the turkeys… Soon thanksgiving.. There was like turkeys everywhere in the store!


Later Rachels friend came over to our house and she had to do a short film for a project in a class. So we walked to the park in our neighborhood and recorded it! I was a moviestar for a day!

After that me and Rachel made ”kladdkaka”!! We had the grandparents and Jessicas 2nd cousin (grandmas cousin) over for dinner! It was kinda like a Swedish night haha, we ate meatballs and our Kladdkaka for dessert. IMG_8555

Later we played Pictionary! You know the game were you draw things! I’m as you probably know a really bad drawer but it went okay haha! But I think my team lost…


But it was really fun that they came over, they are so nice!!



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