It was a classic morning, first Mcdonalds and then practice! Today I got the pancakes for breakfast… It wasn’t maybe the best idea 😛 It was only like 10 people that were able to practice today! So we didn’t play scrimmage at all so we shot a lot of hoops instead!

Jessica picked me up and we went home and I took a shower before the grandparents came over to our house again, cause then we went to Denver and to the Nature/science/history museum. Something like that haha! We saw two different exhibits. The first one was about when people travelled the silk road a long time ago! Press the link:

The other one was about whales! We saw a model of a blue whale’s heart! Haha it was huge!! Here it is:


After the museum we drove by Chipotle and bought food! That’s the Mexican place with burritos! It’s sooo good! There is cilantro though, but I’m learning, it’s not that bad!



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