No sleep in today either… I got like 5 hours of sleep from yesterday and got up early. We went to Mcdonalds and I tried their oatmeal and scrambled eggs today! The oatmeal was surprisingly good! After that we had regular practice the first hour. Then we went over to the other court and played scrimmage against the sophomore team for an hour.

When I got home I chilled for an hour and then I went shopping with Rachel, Nathan and Jessica. Black Friday today so there is a lot of discounts in every store 🙂 I bought a couple shirts and some stuff and after a while we went home again.


I took a shower and then me and Cooper went to another store, a thrift store, and looked at some stuff. I didn’t buy anything though! Later we ate dinner, turkey from yesterday 😛

Then I met Kris for a walk to the ice cream place that is very close to us. We were first thinking of Starbucks cause there is one there but it was closed. The reason was that I wanted to see if my new Debit card that I got from Sweden worked, and it did 🙂 On the way home Joey, Mikey and Chad picked us up and we went to a playground in a park haha and just chilled!


The sunsets here are so beautiful! Btw today it was like 23 degrees outside, so warm!!



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