Thursday – Thanksgiving!

I didn’t have practice so I was hoping that I could sleep in… But no.. We woke up at 7-8am and went to Louisville! (the town next to Lafayette) There was a 5 kilometer race there.. It was free, but everyone one brought a food donation. It was so many people there!! They collected 17 000 Pounds of food! Thats like 8 000 kg 🙂 Anyways, we picked up Kris and went there. We all ran the 5k and I got a time about 21 minutes. After we got coffee and mugs and a hat!

IMG_8573 IMG_8569 IMG_8572 IMG_8571

After that we went home and me and Rachel baked cookies and we chilled!

Later we went over to Chuck and Cullen’s house! (the grandparents) I helped cooking the dinner! We made turkey (of course, cause of thanksgiving) and mashed potatoes and a lot of sides! It was very good! She’s a good chef, and I was the sous chef for the evening! 🙂 After dinner we played a card game and ate apple pie and pumpkin pie 🙂IMG_8576IMG_8575

When we got home at 10 we went to Wal-mart haha, the black friday was the day after so they start all the discount the night before!

When I got home from that, a couple of friends called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Flatiron mall, which is a big mall like 20 minutes away! So I went with them at like 11:30 haha and we bought some stuff. There was a ton of people though and the lines were so long but it was fun anyways! I got home about 1:30 🙂 Aaaand I had practice like 5 hours later 😛




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