Woke up to a french toast and bacon breakfast! After breakfast I had to go the school. There was practice today again! It was not as hard as yesterday but it was still tough.. We have a scrimmage on Saturday and practice on Friday. But I can’t go on Friday, because tomorrow at 9 Chuck and Colleen will pick me and Kris up and we are going to the mountains!!

We are gonna stay in Breckenridge for 2 nights and they want to go to 3 different ski resorts to show us as much as possible! So we may go to both Keystone, Breckenridge and something else 🙂 It’s gonna be so much fun to finally go snowboarding!

Anyways, after practice Cooper pick me up and we went to Starbucks again for a ”fika” 🙂

Then I went home for a while before I went to Greatclips for a haircut! Both me and Nathan got a nice haircut, at least I hope it looks good..


Later in the night the power went off! Haha for an hour over 3000 houses in our area were without power! We had a lot of flashlights though and we played a card game in the dark! After a while the power went back on and we watched a movie 🙂



The day started with a basketball practice..! It was fun the first 15 minutes, then we just ran and it wasn’t easy after a break for a week and all this christmas food… In halftime we shot free throws, 3 people shot and they missed so we had to run. We ran sideline to sideline, 48 times!!

After practice Cooper picked me up and we went for a ”fika” at starbucks! I had a caramel macchiato and a donut.. 😛 That was what I needed after practice! We were there and talked for like an hour!

Later Kris and his hosted picked me up! They were going to the mall to buy a ski jacket for Kris! So I tagged along w/ them! I found red Burton ski pants and I thought they were pretty cool so I bought them! I have a black Burton jacket so I think it will look pretty cool! 🙂


After dinner Kris came over to our house and everyone watched the new movie The interview! It was so funny 🙂


The day started out with a nice hotel breakfast! There was blueberry muffins this morning which is so delicious 😛

After breakfast we checked out and we headed to a grave on a big hill! It was a gut called Doc Holliday’s grave. He was a historical person and was buried on a hill in Glenwood Springs!

After that we went to one of the caves next to where we took a swim in the huge swimming pool two days ago. It was a big cave and it was very hot inside and a lot of steam! So we all changed to swimming pants and then we walked down into the big cave. There was a lot of people in there cause it’s a popular thing to do! It was really cool!


(pic from google haha)

After that, we drove home! It was about a four-five hour drive! But it was cool cause we passed all the big ski resorts on the way so I could see them! 🙂

Later I just Skyped with a bunch of friends from Sweden, Mike, Oscar, Alex, Mathias and Mikka! It was fun 🙂


We ate breakfast here at the hotel! By 9:30 we left the hotel and went to the gondola that took us to the top of a big mountain. On that mountain they have an amusement park! It was a cool ride up there with an amazing view!


When we got up to the top, this was the first thing everyone did…


There was only like 5 things open because it’s winter! There was a roller coaster, a zip line, laser tag, 4D movie theatre and we had a guided tour in a big cave!


We started off w/ the roller coaster. You’re sitting in a car were you control your own speed! There was brakes.. I think.. I never used them haha! It was a lot of fun, and we all did it except from Jessica.

IMG_1451 IMG_1454 IMG_1459

After that we went on a zip line! It was a quarter of a mile long and you were 180 feet over the ground 🙂


Then we did laser tagging! It was fun, you just shoot everyone you see. Which is pretty fun actually haha!


The 4D movies were cool! The chairs were moving and you got water in your face! We saw 4 different movies, cause they were only like 5 minutes long!

The last thing was the guided tour! The cave was awesome. It was very cool, and we had a good guide that new a lot of facts!

IMG_1468 IMG_1473 IMG_1476

After dinner at a pizza restaurant we went to the movie theater! 🙂 We saw a movie called Interstellar! It was good, worth seeing!


IMG_1477 IMG_1457


After about 3,5-4 hours of sleep I got up at like 5am… I had to pack the last stuff and then take a shower! After that we left the house at 6ish.

We drove to Denver on snowy roads where people drove like 40 mph on the highway! The train station was in downtown Denver. It was a really nice one, there was a big christmas tree and a lot of comfortable chairs 🙂


After a while, we got on the train and picked our seats on the upper floor! It was really comfortable seats! (no Ryanair seats here, no no! Swedes will get it)

We played a lot of card games and different games in the train! Play card games is Nathan’s favorite thing to do! It was a beautiful view while we were traveling thru the mountains! We saw a lot of wild life, like Coyotes, lot of different types of birds and reindeers! 🙂


After 6 hours, we arrived in Glenwood! Cooper drove the car there and was there before us! He waited at the platform, and after that we drove to the hotel! It’s a nice hotel with 2 rooms, me and Nathan in one and the others in the other room!

After like 30 minutes, we went to the hot spring! It’s the big pool that is heated by the earth’s crust! 🙂 I didn’t bring my phone so I don’t have any pictures but Google had a couple 😛 It was awesome, at it’s warmest it was like 45 degrees (Celsius) and the coldest was like 30!

soak-your-bones-in-the Hot-Springs-Pool

After the hot spring we went to a restaurant for dinner! It was a nice restaurant with amazing food!

First I had a caesar salad and we shared some appetizers too! After that I had a Buffalo meat loaf! It was soo good! 🙂


Then we went to an ice cream shop and bought dessert 🙂


Before we went home to our hotel, we stopped by another hotel and looked around! It was cool with a lot of Christmas decorations!

IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1436 IMG_1440

Thursday – Christmas Day!

I woke up and it was christmas today! ( a day late though, 24th is the real christmas day 😉 )

We opened our stockings and I got a lot of stuff!! They ordered a special stocking for me as you can see:

”Erik H”


After the stockings we ate breakfast! The breakfast was awesome, we had oatmeal with chocolate chip and marshmallows haha and quiche and ”lussebullar” 🙂

After breakfast Rachel and Nathan couldn’t wait anymore to open all the other presents so we began with that! It was so much fun, I got a lot of stuff! I wasn’t expecting that which made it even more fun! Some of them were from my family in Sweden 🙂

IMG_0369 IMG_0371 IMG_0372

My host grandma (Coopers mom) that lives in Virginia sent me a really nice gift! I’ve never met her, but she sent a nice handwritten card and money to me! That was very unexpected but made me so happy 🙂


I gave a lot of Swedish gifts to my family here! For Cooper I had a ”Craft” base layer kit. He LOVES Craft haha, so I suggested for my parents in Sweden to send it! And it was worth it, he was so pleased over it!


After the gift exchange, my hostfamily wanted to say thanks to my real parents! So I called them on Skype and they talked for almost an hour haha, but it was a lot of fun!

Later me and Cooper went out for a drive, we went to his work and he showed me around there and we tried to buy stamps on the way but that was almost impossible… But after a while we found a place that sold them on Christmas Day! 🙂

Before we went out it started snowing A LOT! And there was ice on the road so it was like ice skating with the car!

In a few hours (6am..) I have to get up because we are going to Glenwood springs for a couple days! 😀


Wednesday, Christmas Eve!

The day started off pretty chill. I skyped w/ my family back home and talked to a lot of friends on snapchat. It’s was fun to see what they were doing for Christmas 🙂


They celebrate Christmas here the 25th, so no presents today!

At 4 we went to Chuck and Colleen’s house. We brought our gifts that we were gonna give to them. I brought four things, a cookie-cookbook from Sweden and a book about Swedish traditions and some coasters and a card game about Sweden. Haha everything was about Sweden! But they loved it!

First we had some snacks and to dinner we had Paella! It was so good!


Btw, all the saffron buns that we made yesterday was gone today haha!

After dinner we started to hand out all the presents. We had a lot of fun, and they gave me some chocolate! I got another package and inside there was a note that the next note were somewhere else in the house.. They made like a treasure hunt for me haha! I ended up in the basement and there was a guitar!! My 2nd period next year will be guitar so they paid for a half year rental of a guitar! They are so nice!!

Rachel got a new tablet and Nathan a new phone and so on..!


After the gift exchange we ate our ”christmas log” that was the roll we made yesterday with all the marsipan figures! 🙂


After I slept in and ate breakfast we went over to our grandparents house! We baked a lot of stuff there. Colleen (grandma) loves to cook and bake. She found a swedish website online with a lot of swedish dishes.


She found the swedish ”lussekatter”. It’s a saffron bun 🙂

So we made those and a swiss roll (rulltårta) that we filled with frosting. We shaped it into a tree log and we made leaves, mushrooms and pine cones of marsipan! We actually did a pig as well, to show them how we do it!

IMG_1382 IMG_1378 IMG_1376 IMG_1371 IMG_1370

After a couple hours we went home again! We ate dinner and later we went to Costco! It’s like a grocery store/warehouse/everything haha. They sell clothes, food in big packs, and almost everything. We went there because Nathan and Jessica bought new phones. Like an early xmas present! 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone in Sweden from CO! 🙂



This morning I could sleep in and it was good! It was a lazy beginning of the day! I just watch a tv-show and talked to my family back in Sweden!

Later me, Jessica, Nathan and Rachel went to the Erie rec center! I didn’t shoot hoops today, I lifted weights instead. After that I swam and went to the hottub for a while 🙂

We came home like 10 minutes before we left again. We went to the Flatiron mall for a meeting with Diane (cordinator) and two other exchange students and their family. We ate at a restaurant called California Pizza Kitchen. It was very good, I had a pizza with chicken, bacon and a lot of lettuce and stuff.

Then we went home! We started to watch a Die Hard movie but after like 20 minutes Joey, Mike, Chad and Angela picked me up and we went back to the mall haha! We watched a movie there called Horrible bosses 2. It was sooo funny! The movie was over by like 1am so after that we went home. 🙂



This morning we went to a breakfast restaurant in Lafayette called Leeslies! It kinda close to our house but very close to the rec center! The restaurant has like a new orleans theme and serves dishes by that theme too. Anyways, I had bacon and eggs and some wonderful french toasts with their homemade syrup. It was awesome…


After the breakfast me and Cooper went to the rec center to shot some hoops. We’re not gonna practice over break so we need to practice on our own. It’s a law that schools can’t have practices over christmas break..! So Cooper were my rebound-bitch for an hour and then I lifted some weights and then we went home! 🙂

After dinner we went do Sweet cow to be ice cream! It was actually raining today! It has rained only a couple times before!

Later we watched a movie 🙂