Saturday’s post didn’t publish so I tried again and this time it worked! So scroll down if u wanna see that! 🙂

Anyways, got up at 05:45 today… It was early but after a shower I was back on track! It was actually a really awesome day today! I have no idea why haha but I wasn’t tired at all and it was just a fun day! 🙂 The group of friends that I hang out with had fixed small pieces of papers where they had written all of our names and then cut them out. So we picked a random name and we’re gonna buy a christmas gift to that person! 🙂

But the classes were fun! During lunch we went to mcdonalds hehe. In the last period we worked out and did bench press! And after that I had practice… The practice was only an hour long. Cause at 5 the school had an enrollment in the gym. So we helped set up tables and stuff.

Then Cooper and Nathan picked me up and we went to their Scout meeting. Jessica was there too, because they have Girl Scouts before. So I went there and ate some pizza and talk to some people and then I joined Jessica and Rachel when they were going back! 🙂



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