This morning I had a basketball Scrimmage! The scrimmage were in Frederick highschool, about 30 minutes away! Cooper drive me there at 9 in the morning! It’s sad, cause there has been 3 people that committed suicide at Frederick within the last two weeks!! That’s awful…

Anyways, we played 4 games. They were 25 minutes long and they never stopped the clock! No one kept track of the score haha so I don’t know if we won or not.. But I played more than I thought I was gonna do! It’s still so hard when you don’t know all the different plays and systems.. My whole family came to the last game and watched! Haha it was like their first basketball game that they watched… 😛


After that we went home and I took a bath in our bathtub! But we left the house like 40 minutes later… Cause we went to a place called Heritage square! It’s in the mountains and it’s like an old amusement park. There is a photography shop there too. They have a ton of costumes there and you dress up to a man from like the 1920:s! We all dressed up and they took a lot of pictures! I can’t show you the photos cause they will have them as christmas cards so I can’t spoil it!



IMG_8587 IMG_8588 IMG_8589 IMG_8590

On the way home we went to Chili’s and ate dinner! I had the chicken tacos dish, and it was so good! As a desert they ordered a brownie and ice cream thing! It was soooo good!! :))


Then I, Mikey, joey, kris, thorsen, the twins, angela, chad, robert and forrest went to the trampoline place in fort collins again! It’s like an hour drive to get there! But it was fun :))




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