It was a good day in school, nothing special happened. In my catering class we made Chicken Parmesan with noodles! :)) It was awesome. Cause I didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning haha so I was kinda hungry but we actually made a lot so after that I was full 🙂 We just hung out in school during 5th, we didn’t go out for lunch!

After school we had practice. Well the Varsity, sophomore and freshman team had their first game today. We were the only team that hadn’t  a game… So we practiced from 4 to like 4:40 cause then they needed the court for warm-up… So we went into the weight lifting room and spent like 20 minutes in there. I did over 175 pounds in bench so I’m not in a very bad shape haha! When we were done, we went to our ”JV room” and had pizza and watch video from our last game! It was so much fun, cause Cooper was the one recording it so we heard his comments all the time like ”Erik is playing now!!” and just fun comments all the time haha 😛

Then I watched the first half of the Varsity game! I think it was a tie in halftime!


Just so you know, I never proofread these posts so it’s probably a lot of misspelling haha…



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