We started a new project in the digital art class today! It’s gonna be so cool haha, I’ll show it here when we’re done. Just sayin!

Then I had American Lit for an hour and a half… It wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve done but I survived! We are having a ton of stuff due next week, so I actually have to work in class 😛 We have to write an essay, the title is ”What is an american”. It’s not too hard cause I can just write how I see them as a foreigner. 🙂

After that class I was done for the day! Me, Chad and Kris went to Woodie’s house (Kris previous hostdad) and brought a pizza and played video games and listened to music.


During my off-period I just hung out in school. But it was boring and sad cause everyone that I usually hang out with was just crying… One of the girls that we hang out with have a very hard time at home with her mom. The mom is crazy… They had like a fight and the mom beat her… So it was just a mess, don’t have time to explain it, actually I don’t know that much about it…

Later we had a regular practice! From 4 to 6! It went okay 🙂 After that we had a dinner with all of the teams and some parents! It was fun and we ate A LOT… All the players eat so much haha including me I guess..



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