We made steak today in the catering! It was good! We made two types of sauces, and we also made cous cous! It turned out well… It’s not always it does that haha, I’m in a group of 4 girls, 3 of them are freshmen and one of them is a sophomore…. I think u understand why it not always turn out well haha. The sauce looks weird haha but it’s parsley, so that’s why it’s green!


After that I had Advisory, our teacher left after 5 minutes cause he had to pick up his sick kid in another school! So we didn’t do very much that hour 🙂

We lifted weights in the beginning of the 8th. We maxed bench press today, increased to 185lbs this time! I was the one lifting the most in my group hehe. So dad, watch out when I come home.. 😉

After school I had practice as usual! I didn’t do well.. My shooting was kinda bad and it was just an off day. But we all have those!



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