The day started with me and Sean taking pictures for digital art. We took em in the gym haha, you’ll see why later!

Then I made chicken fingers in the catering, and they were pretty good! It’s like fried chicken but we do the crust by ourselves with cornflakes and some weird stuff haha 🙂

In my History me and Virgina, a girl from Italy, presented the 1920s flappers! That was the women in the 20s that broke the rules by sitting at home all days. They tried to get jobs and started drinking and wore short skirts etc.

During lunch me Chad and Kris walked first to a bank across the street. Chad was getting his money from his paycheck! Then we walked to King Soopers (a big grocery store).

After school I skipped practice because our grandparents bought us tickets to the CU holiday festival! So at 6 we went to the CU and met them. The holiday festival was kinda like a concert. A big orchestra was playing and a big choir sang! It was cool and fun 🙂 After that we went to their house for a while and had desert. She had baked chocolate chip cookies and other stuff 😛

IMG_8634 IMG_8635



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