My practice started at 8 this morning… We went to McDonalds for some breakfast and then we drove to the school! Actually I wasn’t very tired this morning. I have no idea why but that’s a good thing 🙂 So the practice went well cause I had a lot of energy! After the practice we got our spirit pack!! Finally! We got all of the clothes that we ordered, and it was a lot of stuff haha! There is a t-shirt, water bottle, practice jersey, practice shorts, a long sleeved warm up shirt, hoodie and sweatpants!


After that I went home. Ate some lunch and just hung out and we put all of the christmas lights up outside! I should have talked to my uncle whose birthday was yesterday but there was a lot of problem so we’ll take it later 🙂 I talked for a couple of minutes with my lovely sisters though. And I have to say happy birthday again to my sister who turned 20 yesterday!! ❤


Later I went to mikey’s house, it’s right next to our school, and then they drove to a restaurant and ate dinner! Then we went back to the school cause there was the Snowball dance. It’s like the homecoming but not as fancy! It was fun, not a lot of people though but we had a good time 🙂

After the dance we went over to Thorsen’s house and played FIFA and later we watched a movie 🙂 It was a fun day!



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