I could sleep in this morning and it was awesome! :)) I slept until my alarm went off at like 11 and then I ate a pancake breakfast! It was as good as always!

After that I just cleaned in my room and called my family at home. There was like 12 people at our house at home cause they were celebrating both my sisters and my uncle! So I sang with them while they walked in with the cake as we do in sweden haha. I talk to everyone for a couple of seconds but then we hung up. Cause later I called them and talked again when everyone had left.

Later we wrapped some christmas presents! After that I started cooking. As a final exam in my catering class we are cooking at home! We have to do a three meal dinner! I made a salad, chicken fajitas and the Swedish Kladdkaka 🙂 It turned out well and it was good!

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