Today I got up all by myself. I was the first one to wake up… Nathan was sick so I had to go to school alone!

Nothing interesting happened in my first classes today. We just watched a tv-show in the catering class. It was something called Ironchef. 🙂

In both 3rd and 4th I just listened to a lot of presentations… At lunch we went to Wendy’s, it’s a burger place close to the school.

Next week is finals. The whole week consists of just exams! So today we started with the final in my Training Performance. We’re gonna max bench, squat and so on.. Today we weighed us, she told me that I had gained 10 pounds since I came here hahah… But it was kinda weird cause my body fat percentage had not gained so she told me that it’s muscles but I’m not so sure about that… 😛

At practice today I twisted my ankle… After like an hour of practice it happened so I was just watching the other half from the sideline and had ice on my foot…


But it’s not too bad. I have to get better very soon cause we got 3 games this week!! We are hosting a tournament at our school this week for both girls and boys so it’s gonna be a lot of games! Excited 🙂

They were so kind when I came home, Cooper set up a footpath and served me coke haha! I’m almost as spoiled as our cats are here…


During my 7th we talked about snowboarding! I’ve been thinking of buying a season pass for some of the mountains here. A couple of friends bought it a few weeks ago but I decided to finally buy it! So when I get to the webpage, it said that they stopped selling it yesterday… Don’t ask me why haha but I called them and asked if it was possible to buy it even though it sad no online. And she was nice so she fixed it! So now I have the pass!! I’m so excited :))

I can go to Keystone, Breckenridge and up to 10 days to Vail with this pass! And a couple of other ski resorts 🙂

If you wanna see:



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