Nothing special happened in school today. I’m done with one of my projects in digital art, but I can’t show it here cause the flash drive, where my picture is saved, is in the other corner of my room and it’s why too comfortable in this bed at the moment… Tomorrow I might go and get it..!

During lunch we went to a pizza place and shared pizzas 🙂

Today we had practice at Angevine middle school. That’s the school that Rachel goes to! We couldn’t practice at centaurus because the BVI-tournament started today! There was a lot of people and a lot of games going on. Tomorrow we have a game 🙂 Finally! But my ankle still hurts…. Today I got it taped by our like ”school-nurse” Sarah. But I still couldn’t run at full speed… So we’ll see how it feels tomorrow! I’m really want it to get better haha cause I wanna play!



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