I had to go to the school bus this morning even though we had a late start… For my marketing class we arranged a breakfast in the school for the teachers! But we didn’t do anything, we just sat there and watched when all the teachers ate donuts and stuff… In the end we ate the rest of it, not a lot left though haha..

Then I had two classes and by 11:30 I was off for the day! We went to burger king for food and then I just hung out in school for the rest of the day!

Got this beautiful sign to haha.. :


At 3 I got on the school bus w/ Kris and Nathan. After an hour ish we drove back to Centaurus! Our first game was today!! We won our game by 66-36! 🙂 My foot was much better today so I played! After our game, Varsity had a game. I stayed there for the whole game. There was actually a lot of students there to watch! So it was fun to be at the bleachers and just cheer for them! It was a really exciting game! We were down by like 15 points in halftime, but in the 4th quarter they played so good. So it was a tie when it was like a minute left. But we won by 2 points :))



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