We had the Ironchef this morning in Catering! We got a secret ingredient that we had to use, it was ground beef. That’s not too hard. So we mad noodles with a meat sauce! It wasn’t the most advanced dish but we had like 45 minutes to make it… After those 45 minutes we served the judges, 5 teachers from the school! It was like a ”masterchef” haha. They asked questions about the dish and stuff. I think our dish was okay!


During Advisory, we went to the gym and there was assembly! The whole school gathered in the gym and we played games and there was announcements and the cheerleading team did a performance. They had a game where it was seniors vs juniors and they should collect different stuff. One time there was four different colored socks and so on.. And the fastest one to be done won. I was sitting with the senior even though I’m a junior. The last thing we had to do was ”get a foreign exchange student come down to us”. I so wanted to win it even though I was sitting in like the upper-middle of the bleachers. So I ran do as fast as I could but Virginia from Italy came like 2 seconds before me… She was like in the front row!

The rest of the day was good!

We had practice again at Angevine. After practice Cooper picked me up and we went over to Centaurus cause Rachel had a choir concert there! 🙂


After that we went to McDonalds for dinner cause we didn’t have time to eat between the practice and her concert! So we ate there and then me and Cooper went over to Centaurus again haha cause the girls Varsity basketball game was tonight! We saw almost the whole second half! I was standing with a lot of other students and cheered 🙂



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