Went to bed at 2:30 yesterday haha… Slept for 3,5 hours! 😛 I had to finish an essay and a presentation that I should present day in class. They were due today… But I wasn’t very tired when I woke up!

So in my 3rd period I turned the essay in and I did my presentation. It went okay I think! It was about snowboarding and skiing! It was such an awesome feeling after, cause that was like my last homework for this semester!!

During my seventh I talked to my counselor and fixed my schedule for next semester! It’s gonna be awesome!

1st period I will play Bowling haha. It’s actually a class!

2nd – Guitar

3rd – American Lit

4th – US History

5th and 6th – Lunch, I have a 2 hour lunch everyday :))

7th – Health

8th – Marketing

After school I went home, later we drove to our grandparents house! We had some pizza and then we went to the CU and watched a play called Christmas Carol! It was fun 🙂


I missed our basketball game though… But we won and will have another one tomorrow again 🙂



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