I could sleep in this morning, I needed it cause I slept like 3 hours the night before haha! Anyways, I got up at like 11 and we cleaned the house and they were decorating the christmas tree and actually decorating the whole house. Later we went to Subway for lunch and after that we drove to our grandparents house! We helped them with cutting down a christmas tree from their backyard and get it inside the house! It was a big tree 🙂

IMG_1303—–>IMG_1305—–> IMG_1306 Cullen made cookies while we were getting the tree. Those chocolate chip cookies were so good!! She mad like 10 so that I could bring them to my game later for my team 🙂

So later I went to my school! Today was the last day of the tournament. We went to the final, cause they won the game yesterday 🙂 I went there by 5ish and watched the end of Centaurus varsity boys game! Unfortunately they lost…

After their game we waited at the school for our game. Our game was supposed to start at 7:30… But the game that was 2 games before went to tripel overtime… So everything was running late after that. Our game started more than an hour late.

Well, we lost by 1 point in overtime…. It was tie like almost the whole game. In overtime they made a free throw so they got a point more than us… And I was kinda pissed after. Cause I didn’t plat anything. I missed yesterdays game and the coach wasn’t happy about that I guess… So that sucked, cause I had a really good feeling before that I was gonna play well.



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