I woke up by a firetruck this morning. Every christmas the fire department drives around our neighborhood with a christmas song and their blue and red lights on! A lot of kids go out on the streets and wants to see it. They stop and out comes Santa claus haha!


Later we went shopping for an hour ish and then we went home. We had to go home cause me and Cooper were going to Fort Collins to see all the exchange students for a ”holiday party”. All of us did a dish from that represented their country. We brought a mud cake 😛 Kladdkaka 🙂

It was very fun and me and Cooper had a nice drive there and back! It’s like an hour drive each way so we talked a lot about almost everything 🙂

In the end we had a gift exchange game. It’s hard to explain the rules… I bought a nice water bottle. And first I got headphones but then someone stole them, so I had to pick something else. And I ended up with these…


It’s like shorts with like bells on them. I surprised that no one stole them from me… Not..

Later in the evening I talked to Mikey in Arizona 🙂



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