Today was our first day of finals! Cooper drove us to school this morning cause we start at 8:30 and the school bus still leaves at the same time as a normal day… We ate breakfast at mcdonalds!

Today we had 4th and 5th period finals. My 4th is US History, and we did a test. It was a multiple choice question test with almost a hundred questions! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be!

My 5th is lunch so I didn’t have a final there. So I was off from 10:30! We went to something called Big City Burrito for lunch! It was far away, like a 25 minute drive! But it was very good!

When we came back to school Jessica picked us up. Nathan wasn’t there though, I looked in like the whole school and he wasn’t there so we went looking for him at some food places close to the school! But he wasn’t there either so we went back to the school and then he called us… He was in a classroom haha..

Later I had practice. We ran a lot… So I was kinda tired after but we decided in school that we were gonna meet at the rec center and play some basketball after my practice so I went there w/ Robert! It was fun, there was like 15-20 people. Some were friends and some had already graduated!

After that Joey gave me a ride home 🙂



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