My only final today was cleaning in catering… I started at 8:30 and cleaned our kitchen. We all got different tasks, I got ”clean a stove”. It was pretty chill though! I was lucky that I didn’t get an oven.. Those were so grows haha!

When we were done I had lunch! I went with Joey, Lexi and Hailey to pick up Angela, then we all went to good times for food! Later we just went back to school. It was the 7th final after lunch and I have that period off so I just went to the library and chilled!

During my American Lit final 2 days ago, I got a note from the head office that there was a football meeting today after school! I had no idea why. But when I got there, they handed out our photos and had a couple announcements. In the end, the head coach ” Coach Senseney” announced that he is resigning from his coach position!

IMG_1333 IMG_1335

Before my practice I went over to Mikey’s house for like 45 minutes. He lives right next to the school, it’s so close!

We watched film from our last game the first half of the practice! It was a pre-game practice cause we have a game tomorrow!! So we didn’t run a lot, which was pretty awesome!



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