My first final today was Digital Art! We made a presentation of every single thing we have done this semester! In the end we made a comment page, so everyone looked at each others presentation and wrote a comment about it! 🙂

If you wanna see it:

After that a lot of people went to Wendy’s for lunch! 🙂 And after that we just went back to school! I didn’t have to go to my 8th period final. We did that last week. So I was just in the library the whole time w/ some friends!

At 2:45 our bus for our game left school! Varsity, JV and the Sophomore team were all on the same bus! We went to a school called Denver North. It’s very close to downtown Denver. You could see all the skyscrapers!


Really bad pic, but it was dark..! Anyways, we went there for the sophomores game and then it was our turn. The Sophomores lost but we won! We won by like 10 points 🙂 I played a lot actually and did well I hope haha!

Varsity played after us but unfortunately they lost…

The place were we played was like the ”ghetto” haha! A lot of people said that. The changing room was kinda scary 😛 It looked like a prison seriously!

IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1341

Tomorrow I’m off from school!! So I’m off for like 2,5 weeks now 🙂 Feels awesome!!


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  1. Mats Haraldson · december 19, 2014

    Well Thats great! Maybe some skiing…?



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