I was off from school today!! I slept in to like 10 which was awesome and at 11, Chuck (Jessicas dad) picked me and Nathan up and we went over to their house! They love board games and so does Nathan. They wanted to show me the ”game of thrones” board game! Don’t play it, it is soooo complicated.. haha they explained it well, there was seriously a whole book just about rules.. Well, we played for like 2-3 hours! It was hard to understand but oh well, it was fun to try! Then we ate some pizza and some cookies that she had baked.

Then they took me to practice. We had our last practice for the break! It was a good one, cause we won yesterday so our coach was pretty happy! Haha so it was a lot of shooting and not so much running 🙂

After that I got a ride home. Jess and mini-Cooper (he loves that name.. or not) went to a party that was hosted by Coopers work! I took a shower before Xing came here. He gave me a ride over to the twins house. We were like almost 20 people there and we gave our Secret Santa gifts! I had Mikey som I bought this for him! :

IMG_1356 IMG_1357

He was actually really happy about them! 🙂

IMG_1352 IMG_1358 IMG_1354

Some of the others gave pretty funny stuff… haha! 😛

We had so much fun!



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