This morning I could sleep in and it was good! It was a lazy beginning of the day! I just watch a tv-show and talked to my family back in Sweden!

Later me, Jessica, Nathan and Rachel went to the Erie rec center! I didn’t shoot hoops today, I lifted weights instead. After that I swam and went to the hottub for a while 🙂

We came home like 10 minutes before we left again. We went to the Flatiron mall for a meeting with Diane (cordinator) and two other exchange students and their family. We ate at a restaurant called California Pizza Kitchen. It was very good, I had a pizza with chicken, bacon and a lot of lettuce and stuff.

Then we went home! We started to watch a Die Hard movie but after like 20 minutes Joey, Mike, Chad and Angela picked me up and we went back to the mall haha! We watched a movie there called Horrible bosses 2. It was sooo funny! The movie was over by like 1am so after that we went home. 🙂




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