Wednesday, Christmas Eve!

The day started off pretty chill. I skyped w/ my family back home and talked to a lot of friends on snapchat. It’s was fun to see what they were doing for Christmas 🙂


They celebrate Christmas here the 25th, so no presents today!

At 4 we went to Chuck and Colleen’s house. We brought our gifts that we were gonna give to them. I brought four things, a cookie-cookbook from Sweden and a book about Swedish traditions and some coasters and a card game about Sweden. Haha everything was about Sweden! But they loved it!

First we had some snacks and to dinner we had Paella! It was so good!


Btw, all the saffron buns that we made yesterday was gone today haha!

After dinner we started to hand out all the presents. We had a lot of fun, and they gave me some chocolate! I got another package and inside there was a note that the next note were somewhere else in the house.. They made like a treasure hunt for me haha! I ended up in the basement and there was a guitar!! My 2nd period next year will be guitar so they paid for a half year rental of a guitar! They are so nice!!

Rachel got a new tablet and Nathan a new phone and so on..!


After the gift exchange we ate our ”christmas log” that was the roll we made yesterday with all the marsipan figures! 🙂



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