Thursday – Christmas Day!

I woke up and it was christmas today! ( a day late though, 24th is the real christmas day 😉 )

We opened our stockings and I got a lot of stuff!! They ordered a special stocking for me as you can see:

”Erik H”


After the stockings we ate breakfast! The breakfast was awesome, we had oatmeal with chocolate chip and marshmallows haha and quiche and ”lussebullar” 🙂

After breakfast Rachel and Nathan couldn’t wait anymore to open all the other presents so we began with that! It was so much fun, I got a lot of stuff! I wasn’t expecting that which made it even more fun! Some of them were from my family in Sweden 🙂

IMG_0369 IMG_0371 IMG_0372

My host grandma (Coopers mom) that lives in Virginia sent me a really nice gift! I’ve never met her, but she sent a nice handwritten card and money to me! That was very unexpected but made me so happy 🙂


I gave a lot of Swedish gifts to my family here! For Cooper I had a ”Craft” base layer kit. He LOVES Craft haha, so I suggested for my parents in Sweden to send it! And it was worth it, he was so pleased over it!


After the gift exchange, my hostfamily wanted to say thanks to my real parents! So I called them on Skype and they talked for almost an hour haha, but it was a lot of fun!

Later me and Cooper went out for a drive, we went to his work and he showed me around there and we tried to buy stamps on the way but that was almost impossible… But after a while we found a place that sold them on Christmas Day! 🙂

Before we went out it started snowing A LOT! And there was ice on the road so it was like ice skating with the car!

In a few hours (6am..) I have to get up because we are going to Glenwood springs for a couple days! 😀




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