After about 3,5-4 hours of sleep I got up at like 5am… I had to pack the last stuff and then take a shower! After that we left the house at 6ish.

We drove to Denver on snowy roads where people drove like 40 mph on the highway! The train station was in downtown Denver. It was a really nice one, there was a big christmas tree and a lot of comfortable chairs 🙂


After a while, we got on the train and picked our seats on the upper floor! It was really comfortable seats! (no Ryanair seats here, no no! Swedes will get it)

We played a lot of card games and different games in the train! Play card games is Nathan’s favorite thing to do! It was a beautiful view while we were traveling thru the mountains! We saw a lot of wild life, like Coyotes, lot of different types of birds and reindeers! 🙂


After 6 hours, we arrived in Glenwood! Cooper drove the car there and was there before us! He waited at the platform, and after that we drove to the hotel! It’s a nice hotel with 2 rooms, me and Nathan in one and the others in the other room!

After like 30 minutes, we went to the hot spring! It’s the big pool that is heated by the earth’s crust! 🙂 I didn’t bring my phone so I don’t have any pictures but Google had a couple 😛 It was awesome, at it’s warmest it was like 45 degrees (Celsius) and the coldest was like 30!

soak-your-bones-in-the Hot-Springs-Pool

After the hot spring we went to a restaurant for dinner! It was a nice restaurant with amazing food!

First I had a caesar salad and we shared some appetizers too! After that I had a Buffalo meat loaf! It was soo good! 🙂


Then we went to an ice cream shop and bought dessert 🙂


Before we went home to our hotel, we stopped by another hotel and looked around! It was cool with a lot of Christmas decorations!

IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1436 IMG_1440



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