We ate breakfast here at the hotel! By 9:30 we left the hotel and went to the gondola that took us to the top of a big mountain. On that mountain they have an amusement park! It was a cool ride up there with an amazing view!


When we got up to the top, this was the first thing everyone did…


There was only like 5 things open because it’s winter! There was a roller coaster, a zip line, laser tag, 4D movie theatre and we had a guided tour in a big cave!


We started off w/ the roller coaster. You’re sitting in a car were you control your own speed! There was brakes.. I think.. I never used them haha! It was a lot of fun, and we all did it except from Jessica.

IMG_1451 IMG_1454 IMG_1459

After that we went on a zip line! It was a quarter of a mile long and you were 180 feet over the ground 🙂


Then we did laser tagging! It was fun, you just shoot everyone you see. Which is pretty fun actually haha!


The 4D movies were cool! The chairs were moving and you got water in your face! We saw 4 different movies, cause they were only like 5 minutes long!

The last thing was the guided tour! The cave was awesome. It was very cool, and we had a good guide that new a lot of facts!

IMG_1468 IMG_1473 IMG_1476

After dinner at a pizza restaurant we went to the movie theater! 🙂 We saw a movie called Interstellar! It was good, worth seeing!


IMG_1477 IMG_1457



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