The day started out with a nice hotel breakfast! There was blueberry muffins this morning which is so delicious 😛

After breakfast we checked out and we headed to a grave on a big hill! It was a gut called Doc Holliday’s grave. He was a historical person and was buried on a hill in Glenwood Springs!

After that we went to one of the caves next to where we took a swim in the huge swimming pool two days ago. It was a big cave and it was very hot inside and a lot of steam! So we all changed to swimming pants and then we walked down into the big cave. There was a lot of people in there cause it’s a popular thing to do! It was really cool!


(pic from google haha)

After that, we drove home! It was about a four-five hour drive! But it was cool cause we passed all the big ski resorts on the way so I could see them! 🙂

Later I just Skyped with a bunch of friends from Sweden, Mike, Oscar, Alex, Mathias and Mikka! It was fun 🙂



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