The day started with a basketball practice..! It was fun the first 15 minutes, then we just ran and it wasn’t easy after a break for a week and all this christmas food… In halftime we shot free throws, 3 people shot and they missed so we had to run. We ran sideline to sideline, 48 times!!

After practice Cooper picked me up and we went for a ”fika” at starbucks! I had a caramel macchiato and a donut.. 😛 That was what I needed after practice! We were there and talked for like an hour!

Later Kris and his hosted picked me up! They were going to the mall to buy a ski jacket for Kris! So I tagged along w/ them! I found red Burton ski pants and I thought they were pretty cool so I bought them! I have a black Burton jacket so I think it will look pretty cool! 🙂


After dinner Kris came over to our house and everyone watched the new movie The interview! It was so funny 🙂



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